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"Breeding means thinking in generations!"
This can be referred not only to the mares, but also to our farm.

Today's generation:


Hermann Kretz - already as a small boy he rides on his father's workhorses.
This increased to ride competitions.
There he rode to the L / M class.
The breed was almost put into the cradle, since his father had a cold blood breed.
This became a warm-blooded breed.
First he breed with jumping mares. In recent years, however, it has turned into a dressing horse breed.

Since the heart also still hangs at the Springsport, a jumping mare returned to us in 2017 again.
Thus, at the time dressage and jumping is bred.

Doris Kretz, b. Keisers - rode early on the workhorses of her family.
During a ride through the grounds, a horse-rider from RV Issum saw her talent and took her to the riding club where she could develop her riding abilities.
Through an advertisement in the Rhineland rider + horses she came to the auction riding in Wülfrath.
During competitions, she rode first spring to the class L and later dressage to the Kl.L.
Later, she only concentrated on the young horses and introduced them.
In addition, she made the rider's lecturer and gave riding lessons in the RV Asperden-Kessel.
Before the second child was born, she rode.
After 24 years, without sitting in the saddle, she had brought her back into the saddle with her daughter's horse.
In December 2015, she went too suddenly and much too early.

She was the good soul of the house and was always with the heart with the horses and the horse breed.
The breeding is carried on especially for her.
Because that was her passion.

The children of the house are partly infected with the horse virus.
The daughter Katharina, b. 1989 was infected early with the horse virus, but only from a far distance.
A few years ago she started to ride and made her dream come true.
Her passion is beside work as a educator, the therapeutic riding.
Since September 2014 she has been a certified equine therapist and offered riding therapy on the farm with her gelding Gismo.
Gismo is now retiring.
Neeltje a Fjordstute is in the starting holes and is only waiting to be fully operational in 1-2 years.
In addition to riding therapy, she continues her breeding with her father Hermann.
Previously, she and her mother had prepared the mares and foals for foal competitions.
So it is easy for her to continue these tasks.
The existing know-how in horse breeding has long existed.

Every year, she was looking for the stallions to be used.

The son Michael, b. 1986 takes care of the agricultural affairs and helps also times with the horses, if need is at the man.